The Importance of Spiritual Cleansing

The Importance of Spiritual Cleansing


Having worked in numerous religious systems, such as Vodou, Espiritism, and Santeria to name a few. It is important for people to understand the significance of Spiritual Cleansing of one’s self. Just as we take a shower or a bath to clean our external bodies and periodically flush out or insides from toxins, we must also cleanse on a spiritual level to remove negative energies from our Aura and spiritual existence.

While I am not stating anything in reference to Curses, Hexes or the like. There are quite a few times where we would want to cleanse. Some of these times could be to deal with negative energies that effect our day to day life.

  • Rash of bad luck
  • Money Problems
  • Attracting the Wrong sort of people into our lives
  • Issues finding a job

These are just a few things that negative energy can affect.  Every day we pick up  negative energies from other people, situations, etc. Even as positive as we can always be everyday sometimes just being around someone that is negative has an effect on what we do and the energy that we send out to the universe and start to attract.  The law of magnetism states that what we send out is what we attract. If we are constantly bombarded with negative energies and do nothing to cancel that out and change it. We end up becoming a magnet for this same energy.

Many traditions from all over the globe subscribe to the use of cleansing products and herbs to help clean that energy. We all know that every Herb has its own properties and influences that are used for certain purposes. Roses are attributed to love and friendship, frankincense to cleansing, lavender to relaxation , etc.

While it made not seem like a lot to some people to do this. It is an important part of a spiritual person’s life. We go to the doctors for health issues, the counselor for certain therapies, the dentist for our teeth. We should be going to our spiritual counterpart for spiritual assistance as well. Some people do not believe in curses, hexes, or the like and this article is written with this in mind.

We do however need to address the issues of what to do when I do need help with negative energy, bad luck, money issues, love issues, court cases, etc. So what does one do in order to facilitate change in these areas of one’s life.

You could just go about life the same way you always do and just hope things get better. There is a far better way that you can go about it. We will cover basics for Spiritual Cleansing yourself. This meaning using items yourself to remove negativity and promote a better magnetism of energy for yourself.

I will cover a couple of Spiritual baths that you can make yourself at home with a list of ingredients that you can obtain online from stores and botanicas. Some of the items you may be able to find in your grocery store or any bodegas (Spanish shops) that may be near you.


So let us get started with a bath for cleansing. The items that are listed have been known and used by various traditions to remove negativity.


  • WHITE SAGE (this can be bought in your produce department at the grocery store) FRESH HERB
  • ROSEMARY ( also in the fresh herb section of your grocery store)
  • HOLY HYSSOP (used for cleansing can be ordered online)
  • BASIL (also in the fresh herb section of your grocery store)
  • HOLY WATER (FROM A CATHOLIC CHURCH) Just ask for some some have a store you can purchase it in.
  • FLORIDA WATER COLOGNE (You can find this a lot in botanicas, bodegas, Spanish stores or online.)
  • 7 small white penny candles or small emergency type candles

I have been using this bath for years in my daily practice. To start take about 1 gallon or so of water and add all the herbs to it and let it boil. Boil it till the liquid turns dark. Then let it cool. You can strain the herbs out so you don’t clog your drain. Personally I prefer to allow the herbs to fall on me when I do this.

When the bath is cool I reach in with my hands pull up the herbs, bunches at a time and begin to scrub them with my hands and squeeze out the juices as much as I can while I pray. Asking god and my guardian angel spirits to bless this mixture to help cleanse me. You can also do a few Our Fathers and Hail Mary’s as well. Add the holy water and a few squirts of florida water into the liquid after it cools. Place the bath next to your bath tub or shower.

I make about a gallon at a time the reason for this is to allow me to do 7 days with of the cleansing bath in a row.

Take a portion of the bath mixture put into a bowl and add some warm water. Light 1 White Candle for your guardian angel spirit. Shower as you would normally. Take the bowl of the mixture and hold it over your head and pray. Ask God and Spirit to cleanse you of all negativity, remove blocks in your life, etc.

Slowly begin to pour this mixture over your body from the Neck down. Not on the top of your head. Once you have taken your time and done this use your hands and wipe down your body with your hands and away from you signifying pushing the energy away from you.

Pat yourself dry or air dry but do not rub.  I recommend changing your bed sheets and wearing light colors or white to sleep during the 7 days.

During the process of this cleanse you may begin to notice how different you may be feeling. You may also start noticing people that are not that great to have in your life moving farther away from you. This is a normal and a natural part of cleansing, so do not worry. It just means that they are not good to be around.

When you finish the 7 days of cleansing, You should follow up with a positive bath or what some call a sweet bath. Sweet baths can be made for nearly any purpose such as LOVE, MONEY, HEALTH, etc.

For this article I will use a love bath since it’s around Valentine’s day and love is in the air.

The process for making the baths are very similar with different ingredients.




  • Fresh Rose Petals
  • Fresh or dry Lavender Flowers
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Catnip
  • Damiana

Some of the herbs you may need to find online or at an herbal shop or new age store.

  • Florida Water
  • 7 pink or red penny candles
  • You can add any sweet perfume you wish I like to use Pompie Lotion Which you can find online

Boil the herbs the same as with the bitter bath and strain the herbs if you like. Let it cool and add perfume and some florida water. Add fresh rose petals to your bath ( I prefer to soak in my sweet baths for best effects)

Fill your tub with warm-hot water and pour a portion of the mixture into your bath and soak for at least 7-15 minutes. I like to pray and sing while I bath. Pray for love to come, ask god and spirit to bring love into your life. Imagine yourself full of love energy, smell the aroma and how intoxicating it is.

Pat dry or air dry sleep on fresh sheets and wear white or light colors. Just wait to see what happens. Often people begin to notice others around them acting different being nicer to them even at work. Your energy has changed and spiritually people notice it.


There are many advantages of doing spiritual baths. Not only do they help change your energy but you can also notice how great they smell, how you actually feel afterwards, how great the love baths are for your own sense of feeling.  They are also relaxing and can benefit you in a multitude of ways. Stay tuned for the next part of this article which will be on more cleansing baths and more recipes for money and good luck as well as relaxation.

Peace and Love Houngan Michael


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