Another update on Hypnosis and Weightcontrol

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So today I received a pleasant message from my client that i’ve been working with. Since march they have lost a total of 10.25 total inches from their body and almost 1 percent BMI loss. That is fantastic. Keep it up I am so proud of you.


Hypnosis Client Week 2

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So this week My client let me know they lost another 2.4 pounds. Way to go Am so happy for them. It’s a wonderful feeling when you see the results showing each week in a safe way and steady. Things are going to be a beautiful summer and year for them.

Yesterdays Hypnosis Session

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Met with my client on Sunday for another session of Hypnosis in order to help create change in the clients life to become more healthy happy and full of energy. In the past week client has lost so far a total of 3 lbs that was from their report on Thursday. I have no doubt that they will continue to lose more and more each week. I am so happy to see the changes this person has gone through and I know it will make a lasting impact on them for the rest of their life.

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