Hypnosis Weight Control update

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So Today i received an email that my client has lost an additional overal 4.5 inches. Way To go. I am so proud and happy. I know that this person will continue to lose and adjust their lifestyle habits for better food/exercise choices. It just gets easier and easier the more you go.

People must remember the first 30 or more days are always the hardest. You fight so many changes in your body, in your mind, your emotions, etc. it is always a challenge. But if you continue to work through it, have positive people around you, a support group, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, make good healthy eating choices, and do what ever it takes including but not limited to. Hypnosis,exercise, nurtinionalist, etc. You cannot fail. Just remember sometimes losing is winning.

LOSE WEIGHT = WINNING in your ultimate goal.

CONGRATS IM SO HAPPY thats over 15 total INCHES lost in a months time.


Hypnosis Client Week 3 Weight Control

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So this week i received an online message from my Client that i’ve been assisting with Weight control and weight loss. This week week number 3 marks another 2 pounds lost. WAY TO GO. So happy to hear the news. thats now a total of almost 8 pounds in 3 weeks.

Now i know many people think that losing only 1 or 2 pounds doesn’t seem like a lot. How ever the truth is, Fast weight loss is never good, its not healthy for anyone to lose alot of weight rapidly. Steady slow weight loss is the best for you as well as helping you to keep it off.

Congrats On another WIN…… looking forward to seeing you again on sunday.

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