Ritual For Money Rose of Jericho

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This is one used by alot of people. The rose of jericho also known as the ressurection plant. This can be prepared to attract love or money. For this purpose we will prepare it for money.

Items needed

1 Rose of Jericho plant

Rose Water

Florida Water

2 Lodestones male and female

lodestone food

magnetic gold and silver

coins of different denominations

Holy water.,

Place the rose of jericho in a bowl and add water. Wait for the plant to open.

Then Add the lodestones, food, magnetic gold and silver coins, florida water, some rose water, holy water..

Focus on drawing money to you. Place this plant near your front door to always attract money into your house.

Never let this dry out continue everyday checking out the water level and adjust accordingly.


Stay Tuned Love Spell Honey or Sweet Jar

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Later tonight I will be posting some information regarding how to make a simple spell casting with a honey jar or sweet jar. This is designed to make someone sweet on you. Great for helping you to bring back a lover. Sweeten your love life, and your relationship. There are many uses for a Sweet Jar besides your love life..

Stay Tuned for more information later this evening and check back for this information.

Do you believe in Spells and magic

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Love Drawing Spell Ritual

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I figured this would be a great time to post a basic love drawing ritual that people might want to try for themselves to bring love into their life. There are many things to consider when wanting to bring love into your life so I want you to begin by taking a piece of paper and writing down everything that you are looking for in a life mate or partner. (This should not be just general things light height weight, etc.) It should incorporate a lot of thought. Remember You want to draw a mate that is correct for you in all ways.

So things to consider when writing your list.

  • Wanting someone Stable
  • Someone with no anger issues
  • Someone faithful
  • Someone Kind
  • Someone that is looking for a solid committed relationship
  • etc.

It is very important to look at everything that makes up a person that you are trying to attract you would not want to attract an abusive alcoholic, or someone with an addiction, etc.

Once your list is written re-read it. Make any changes you want to make. Once you are completely satisfied with what you are looking for then you can begin. To often people that have done ritual love magic have asked me why did I attract a wacko or a crazy person. My answer is always that they probably were not completely clear to the universe and spirits as to exactly what you were asking for.

Items you will need for your ritual.

  • An area you can work in quietly and un-interupted.
  • A table to use as an Altar
  • Rose flowers or petals (dry will work great)
  • Lavender Flowers
  • Patchouli Flowers or Oil
  • Red Candles The number depends on how many days you are going to do this ritual.*(For the purpose of this Ritual we will use 7 penny candles, or a 7 day knob candle, or a 7 day pull out glass candle.
  • Any kind of incense to cleanse the air
  • A piece of Parchment or Brown paper bag to write on
  • A Magnet or Magnet Oils available online

Once you have all the items listed you can begin setting up the table. Place the candle in a fire proof dish or candle holder if you are using penny candles. Set this in the center of the table. Crush the flowers in a mortar and pestal if you have one if not you can use 2 rocks which i’ve used in a pinch. You want to make a powder and mix that with the oils to make a paste almost as thick as a thick salad dressing.

Write your petition on parchment paper or brown paper bag and place that under the candle. and the magnet in front of the candle on top of the paper as well. Burn some incense to set the mood. Anoint the candle with the mixture you have made while focusing on what you want the universe to bring to you. Use your mind and really visualize every aspect of the mate you are searching for. While you do this also ask outloud for the qualities that you want in your mate and be very specific as I mentioned above.

You can create a chant if you like. Simple ones will work such as

Guardian Angels and Spirits of love

With your wisdom and power above

Send me a mate that is right for me

In heart and in soul bring them to me.

You can get as creative as you wish with this. This is just an example. You can name what it is you are looking for so the universe hears what you really want. Spend some time doing this repeating it 7, 9, 21 times before you stop. Light Your Candle right before you begin chanting. At the end you can add a line such as what is used in wicca.

By all the powers of 3×3

As I do will So mote it be. or

Hear these words I say to thee

as i do will so let it be.


Repeat the anointing of the candle visualization and chanting each day for 7 days. See what happens. Make sure you don’t keep yourself locked up in your house during this period either. Don’t get discouraged if he doesn’t come right away if your list of wants is HUGE it could take time for the universe to find your mate and send them to you.

Peaceful blessings.

Ancestor Reverence

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The Ancestor Altar

The Spiritual Ancestor Altar is your foundation and roots for a lot of spiritual work. This altar helps you connect with your ancestors and your spirit guides. Once you have created your altar it becomes like a magnet or antennae for other spirits to come to knowing that you work with spirits. Working with the spirits of your ancestors is very common practice in a lot of traditions. They are the closest spirits to you as they were family and they love you and want the best for you. They are also the Closest to the human realm and material world.

There are a few things to keep in mind when building an Ancestor Altar.

  • Never place Salt on your altar
  • Never place a picture of the living upon an Ancestor Altar
  • I never place my Ancestor Altar in my bedroom
  • The Best Place for an Ancestor Altar is the Living Room so they can be part of your everyday life.
  • Never place statues of Orisha or Lwa on your Ancestor Altar
  • You can place pictures of your deceased ancestors on the altar

Items that you should have on your altar include the following

  • A white Cloth (I Prefer using Satin)
  • A Center Vessel Such as a Clear Vase filled with Cold water
  • 6 or 9 smaller vessals of cold water. I always use Clear Glass
  • A Crucifix and a Rosary
  • White Flowers

This is just a basic guide for what you can place on the altar but I feel that these things are the very basics that are needed. Every Monday Change out the water wash the vessels of water and replace the flowers. Each Monday also offer them some food when you make dinner a small plate is perfect. You can also offer them Coffee 2 cups 1 with a lot of sugar and one plain black. Any foods that they would have liked in real life are perfect as well as anything they drank. Typical offerings are Rum, Cigars and Cigarettes, candies, Beer, peanuts, etc.

Take time everyday to speak to them Light a Candle for them to give them light. Pray for them for elevation and to strengthen your connection to them.

Before you set up the actual altar it is a good idea to wash the area or table you are going to set up with a mixture of Florida Water, Rue, and white vinegar. Pray over the altar when you place everything on it bless them with the mixture as well if you wish to. You can get books as well for your prayers. The most popular that I tend to use is A COLLECTION OF PRAYERS. It carries prayers for your guardian angel, for lost souls, for help elevating your ancestors, for tortured souls, etc.

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