Custom Hypnosis CDS

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Since i’m in the process of making some of these. If anyone is looking for or interested in Custom Hypnosis CDs Drop me a line and let me know. I’ll be happy to assist you and answer your questions and let you know pricing and how long till you receive it.

stop Smoking, weight control, astral projection, there are alot of areas this can assist with. Just let me know.


Have been quiet the last few days. Been working on Some Hypnotic Stuff

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Have been working the last few days developing some custom hypnotic cds for a client. Always love doing Hypnosis. As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with additional Certifications in Analytical Hypnosis, Stage Hypnosis, Past life Regression, and phobia work. It gets kind of draining at times. But it is fun I must admit.

Hypnosis is a wonderful modality to help  a person in their life create powerful changes. Lose weight, Stop smoking, over come fears and phobias, let go of things from the past, astral projection techniques and training cds as well as about 100 other or more areas of ones life that one can possibly hope to create great change.

Hypnosis works by helping one obtain a highly relaxed state of mind where the conscious mind is set aside and is sleeping for lack of a better word. While in this state the sub-conscious mind remains awake and aware of all that is going on and being said. It makes suggestions more readily accepted by the sub-conscious mind.

All the cd’s i Create are individual for each person. I do not make generic cd’s for purchase due to the fact that every person’s situation may be slightly different. Therefore I chose to make them on a per client basis.

I know numerous people have been asking for one on Astral projection. I am in the process of putting one together as we speak. I am writing up the relaxation techniques that can be used through a guided form of hypnosis / self-hypnosis that one can use  in order to reach astral projection.

Astral Projection- Out of Body Experience’s are a wonderful learning tool as well as a great way of being able to travel all over the universe not just here on this plane.

Hypnosis will ..

  • Help you to relax more than you have relaxed in a very long time.
  • Help you to maintain a deeper level of relaxation.
  • Help promote better breather techniques.
  • Help you to allow yourself to let go and trust in your own natural abilities.
  • Guide you through great changes.
  • Help you to feel more refreshed and fully rested when you wake up.
  • Allow you to stay in complete control

Hypnosis will NOT.

  • Control your mind.
  • Put you or anyone in danger.
  • Make it so you cannot wake up.

Hypnosis will merely allow you to concentrate and relax deeply enough for you to allow the changes to take place. You are in complete Control. If at anytime you wish to wake up for what ever reason such as someone yelling FIRE in your room or house. You will immediately be able to open your eyes and be wide awake and alert.

With hypnosis you can achieve great things. Just think of the possibilities. Imagine what you could do with your Magic abilities if you could focus a lot clearer, or even creating that deeper connection with your inner or higher self that you communicate with. Imagine visiting your higher teacher during a guided meditation where you can sit and talk with them and ask them questions. The possibilities are endless.

Soon I will be adding links to my site for ordering custom hypnosis cds for all things. These are the same scripts I use in clinical environments. The Same techniques that have worked for tons of people around the world.

If you have any questions before the links are up be sure to send me a message. There will be a few cds that I will put up that are generic such as the astral projection one, past lives, etc. These are not in my eyes considered CLINICAL WORKS.


Relaxation Bath Recipe

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Ok on my other site I have received emails from several people asking about stress relief and relaxation. So here is one of my favorite Relaxing spiritual baths recipes that I use on a regular basis.

Items needed for this bath recipe

  • 3 White Candles any kind will work. I prefer to use ones that burn for several hours.
  • Fresh or Dry Lavender flowers (you can buy these in bulk online or at new age and alot of herb shops.
  • Sage either fresh or dry available online or at your local grocery store in the produce section.
  • Chamomile fresh or dried herb. You can find this online or at new age and herb shops.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil or Fresh Peppermint leaves you can find online fresh leaves sometimes at the local supermarket.
  • Coconut essential oil
  • Florida Water Cologne( I use this for everything from cleansing to baths, to floorwashes, to adding to my laundry.

There are 2 ways you can work this bath the preference is yours. You can fill the tub with hot water and toss in the herbs to let them steep if they are dry herbs then add the florida water a couple squirts, with the essential oils add just a couple drops essential oils are very potent and some people may be sensitive to the oils.

Method 2 is with using mainly fresh herbs. Fill a basin or bucket with warm water and toss in the herbs. With your hands work the herbs together, rubbing them between your hands, squeezing out the juices, and breaking the herbs by hand while you pray and ask god and spirit to make the mixture stronger with energy. Once you have completely integrated the mixture into the water ( you will see the water color change and the aroma will be very strong.) Then you can either leave the herbs in if you have a strainer in your tub which i always suggest as the power of the herbs are best when left in the tub.

Pour the mixture into your tub filled with hot water, add in a few squirts of florida water, and a couple drops of each of the essential oils. Light your candles and turn out the lights. You can turn on some soft soothing music if you would like as well.

Soak as long as you can in the hot water, bring a cup or a bowl with you and take the mixture up into the bowl and pour it over your head and cover your whole body with it.  Try to soak at least 15 minutes to 1/2 hour if you can make the water warm enough to last that long.

I do prefer to leave my herbs in my water so i can reach down and grab a bunch in my hands and bring it up to my face and breath in the aroma and let it just relax me. I also rub it on my body including all areas that are in pain and need additional relaxation.

After I am finished I step out of the tub and pat dry and take the candles into what ever room I am going to be in for the remainder of the night to keep the ambiance going.

If you try this bath please comment me and let me know how you felt after it. It has always worked for me and has always been very wonderful.

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