Psychic Readings Sunday and Monday Nearly All day

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This coming Sunday the day after St Patricks day I”ll be offering more Psychic Readings again through skype. With this i’ll be available Sunday from Noon till about 11 PM Easter Standard Time as well as on Monday the 19th Most of the same hours. Please contact me via My website With the contact form to schedule a reading that works with your times.

Spiritual Readings are both insightful, intuitive and honest. If you are wondering where you love life is headed, your job and career, etc let me know I’ll be happy to look into it for you.


Psychic Readings With SKYPE All Week Long

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You know the more I do these readings with Skype the more I am enjoying them. Some of my clients Just cannot make it to me in order to sit in person for a spiritual reading. Having done spiritual readings for nearly 20 years and having alot of customers move to different areas around the US who love to just stay in touch for their readings and don’t like to do a standard phone reading love the personal connections made with VIDEO and Voice.

It’s a new age with so many technologies now available where people can sit in the comfort of their own home and have a reading performed in the comfort and privacy of their own house. I am available most evenings Eastern Standard Time after 9 pm and Sundays and Mondays Pretty Much from noon till 11 pm. special arrangements can be made should you require a reading past 11pm. Please contact me Should you wish to have a reading and to schedule a time and day.


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While I know this sounds a bit weird but with the way technology has been going and all the advances we have made why not? There are telephone centers around the world that offer skype readings and email readings.
I feel this is an honest venue for giving a reading. 1 its more personal you actually see the person that is giving you you reading. 2. You interact with the person on a much deeper level. 3. You can make a connection alot easier with video and voice.

Its the next best thing to actually being there in person. I’ve been doing readings for nearly 20 years most in a professional botanica setting. I’ve done numerous readings via skype for some of my clients that have moved away to another location and can no longer make the drive in to have a reading in person. Their answer to me was that it was much better than a phone reading and being able to see me and the tools I use makes for a much better reading than just having it over the phone.

I will be doing alot more skype readings if anyone is interested please leave me a message and I will get back to you and set up a time.

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