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Spiritual Bath for Clarity and Focus

This is a bath I have used for Focus and Clarity. It has a wonderful aroma and one that just makes me put my head back on my  shoulders . Each herb I have picked is for a specific purpose. This is not a vodou bath. But it is a bath I have used myself from time to time and it is great when you have to stay focused and clear on anything. Specially studying.

The items needed are as follows.

Gardenia herb

Lavender herb

Wisteria Oil

Coconut Oil

Sage Herb

Star Anise (Whole)


Boils all the herbs in a gallon of water strain and let cool. Keep the liquid to use for your bath. Next fill your bath up with warm-hot water, (as warm as you can stand it). Then add in the liquid and the just a couple drops of each of the essential oils. Becareful essential oils are very strong and some people may have reactions to it on their skin. Please check first to make sure you have no reactions.

Also be sure to only use a few drops they are very strong. If you wish to add a little pep to it and pump up your energy a little bit you can also add a drop or 2 of peppermint oil.

Now Soak in the tub for at least a good 15 minutes. I try to stay in longer myself its very relaxing. Take the water up with a cup, or jicara, or calabash and pour it over your head closing your eyes. Focusing on your attention and your focus issues. Relax take your time there is no need to hurry.

Troy to do this bath every day for 7 days. You should start to see a big difference with your focus and your clarity. I find when I do this bath I have very clear visions on issues and problems while I sleep.

Peace and Love.


Today will be a great day of Clarity Baths

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The bath I will be posting later today will be about Clarity and Focus and calming of the mind.

This bath I have used for a long time to promote clarity and focus and calming of the mind.

Give me some time and check back later tonight for the information and let me know what you think.

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