The follow is a recipe I’ve been using for a long time to cleanse away negativity and to start sweetening up my life.

Items needed…

Frankincense ( the amount depends on how much you want to make. I normally buy mine at least a pound at a time.

Honey (this sometimes will make the incense stick) but warm it up in the microwave for a few seconds will loosen it back up agian.

Myrhh ( i usually add 1/5 the amount of myrhh than i do with Frankincense)

Benzoin ( usually a few tablespoons)

Dry RoseMary ( any amt you wish just not overpowering)

Sage rubbed leaf. About 1 once or so

Lavendar about 1 ounce or so

Ground Nutmeg Powder about 3 or so tablespoons or less depending on how much of the other stuff you have in there. I prefer to use a cheese grater and grind mine by hand.

Penny Royal essential oil ( i’ll buy it by the dram and use the whole bottle) I usually keep alot of oils on hand in large quantities)

RUE(RUDA) essential oil whole dram bottle.

Cinnamon Essential oil Whole bottle

Sandalwood essential oil whole bottle.

Pine Essential Oils whole dram bottle.

I mix up all my dry ingredients first. then add the oils and finally some of the honey and mix it up. I adjust the amounts of each depending on how wet or dry I want this to be. This incense is burned on a charcoal block.

The scents are very wonderful and cleansing of the house. let me know if you’ve tried this and what you thought of it.