Incense Recipe For Cleansing

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The follow is a recipe I’ve been using for a long time to cleanse away negativity and to start sweetening up my life.

Items needed…

Frankincense ( the amount depends on how much you want to make. I normally buy mine at least a pound at a time.

Honey (this sometimes will make the incense stick) but warm it up in the microwave for a few seconds will loosen it back up agian.

Myrhh ( i usually add 1/5 the amount of myrhh than i do with Frankincense)

Benzoin ( usually a few tablespoons)

Dry RoseMary ( any amt you wish just not overpowering)

Sage rubbed leaf. About 1 once or so

Lavendar about 1 ounce or so

Ground Nutmeg Powder about 3 or so tablespoons or less depending on how much of the other stuff you have in there. I prefer to use a cheese grater and grind mine by hand.

Penny Royal essential oil ( i’ll buy it by the dram and use the whole bottle) I usually keep alot of oils on hand in large quantities)

RUE(RUDA) essential oil whole dram bottle.

Cinnamon Essential oil Whole bottle

Sandalwood essential oil whole bottle.

Pine Essential Oils whole dram bottle.

I mix up all my dry ingredients first. then add the oils and finally some of the honey and mix it up. I adjust the amounts of each depending on how wet or dry I want this to be. This incense is burned on a charcoal block.

The scents are very wonderful and cleansing of the house. let me know if you’ve tried this and what you thought of it.



Available This Sunday and Monday for Tarot Readings

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I have just opened up my schedule for Sunday and Monday for Tarot Readings via SKYPE. This Skype reading is the next best thing to being in front of someone personally. Skype and Phone readings If you are looking for a Spiritual Reading other than on a Sunday or Monday, please let me know send me a message and I”ll be happy to check my schedule for you and see what i can figure out.

HYPNOSIS SESSIONS ALSO AVAILABLE VIA SKYPE AS WELL. Please contact me first with regards to Hypnosis Sessions.

Peace and love.



A Simple Yet very Effective Grounding Technique

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Now many years ago my Aunt who was a Nun and ran a retreat house, would hold woman’s work groups and empowering groups for people. I use to frequent her place up north during the summers and spend weeks at a time helping her out and taking part also in some of the exercises that the groups would offer.

My Aunt was a very spiritual being and greatly in touch with the motherly energies of the Goddess. During one of the group retreats she began by asking everyone to ground themselves. As she began to explain this very deep yet hilarious visual to everyone, I could hear the giggles coming from everyone as we first heard it.

Now many of us have heard and used many different grounding techniques such as being the tree and allowing your roots to grow deep into the earth for one. But this one was so simple and fast it was just the visual alone that created the laughter.

It was years after this that a mentor or mine that follows the Santeria Tradition told me that one of the places that alot of santeros would do work in was in the bathroom. I found this kind of odd but over time I began to understand that this was actually in alot of ways true. While I do not subscribe to the harming of animals or anything in many traditions. I do feel the need to have safety in doing ritual work and offerings.

So I began to understand in my mind that the bathroom really is a very sacred and very ritualistic place. It is here that we perform all our daily rituals, taking showers, brushing our teeth, performing our beauty rituals, using the (facilities ) to put it politely. This is perhaps one of the Strongest rooms in the house. The presence of water is a very important also in ritual. Water is a life giving need, it is a cleansing agent, it is given to our ancestors to give them drink, it is placed in our homes to catch negativity, it has so many uses spiritually.

I know it probably hasn’t dawned on alot of people just how much spiritual work we spiritual people do in the bathroom. Spiritual Herbal baths, relaxation baths, love baths, healing baths, etc. So with this understanding of the spiritual use of the bathroom and how important it’s role is, We can begin to look at an interesting but yet simple visualization to ground yourself before any spiritual work or spell casting.

To Begin find a comfortable place to sit where you will not be disturbed and can work on this technique.

Close your eyes and begin to imagine yourself in your bathroom. That’s right imagine yourself inside your bathroom with the door closed. The Light on.
Now picture yourself sitting on the toilet. Yes that is correct. I know it sounds odd to some. But picture it in your mind just as you have done countless times before. Now imagine yourself clutching your hands to make fists down at  your side.

Hold this Visual for a while until you feel grounded.

I told you this was very simple. Just the image of sitting on that bowl with your feet firmly planted on the floor and your hands clenched into a fist at your sides. You cannot get any more Grounded than you are at that particular moment in time.


Let me know your thoughts and if you try it and how you feel. That is of course if you giggle first and then try it.


Peace and love and Blessings.


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     This is a recipe I use for love drawing into my life. When I really want that love energy to be super heightened around me so that eyes are upon me where ever I go. This bath I always do by hand. I never boil this bath as I want as much energy into this bath as I can possibly get. I try also to get as many of the herbs as I can get FRESH and not dry if I can help it. It’s a beautiful bath with wonderful aromas and scents that just make you feel downright sexy and beautiful.

Items you will need

A Pot big enough to hold 1-2 gallons of water

Florida Water

Pompei Lotion ( a particular kind of Perfume you can find at botanica’s and online) It has a particular effect with the Lwa ( spirit ) Erzulie Freda in Vodou who is the Lwa of Love and Riches and Refinement.

Rose Petals Fresh

Catnip best if you can find it fresh to captivate your lover

Damiana (might have to get dry) online

Spearmint (Fresh) is best I use LOTS OF THIS in this bath.

Marjoram Fresh


I fill my pot with warm water and add in all the herbs together. I do not use any oils in this mixture only fresh herbs and the perfume and florida water for the fragrance.

I let the herbs steep for a while to soften them up and to help begin to break them down a little. Then I get my hands right in there and grab up the herbs by the handfuls and start rubbing them between my hands, and breaking them up, and squeezing them to get all the juices out.

The process can take some time but after all it is the outcome that we want. So we want to spend the time praying for love, attraction, asking god and spirit to bless the mixture as we continue to break and rub and squeeze until you have a very nice base of herbs and all the smells are mixing together and you can smell it in the air.

If you feel like singing you can sing. I have certain songs that I sing when I do this but I always do the Our Father the Hail Mary and the Apostles Creed and talk to God and the Holy spirit when I make this asking for what I want.

Once the liquid is nice and dark then add the florida water and pompei lotion (perfume) you don’t have to use it all but you want it to smell nice and the perfume is used also to sweeten people up and draw the love energy that you are looking for.

Now I ALWAYS SOAK IN THIS BATH sometimes till I turn into a prune. I just love the scents so much and how I feel afterwards. You don’t need to use the WHOLE pot full of stuff. I leave all the herbs in this mixture and fill the tub with warm-hot water. Don’t fill the tub all the way as normal. Just maybe ¼ -1/2 the way up. Then add some of the mixture with the herbs into the bath. Do this bath for 7 days.

Pray as you soak in the tub, use a cut or a bowl to scoop up the bath and pour It over yourself as you continue to pray and ask for what you want.  To bring love into your life. Grab up some of the herbs and rub them in your hands and smell them. Take a deep breath rub your body with the herbs as well.

Pat yourself dry sleep on clean sheets and wear light colors. Don’t wipe off any herbs from your body leave them on till you shower the next day.

I tend to put herbs directly on my head and wrap my head for the night with the herbs on my head for added effects. That is just me.

Let me know if you do this bath and how you felt afterwards.

Peace and Love.

Powerful Cleansing Bath

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This bath is designed to remove negativity and help clean you of hexes and curses if done right. Unfortunately there are times where one would need to have a priest of a tradition do the work for them if the curse or hex or negative energy is far to strong.

For this bath you will need to obtain the following items.

5 Finger Grass herb

Rosemary herb ( i prefer fresh)

Nettle Herb (dry fresh if you can find it)

Peppermint Fresh

RUE fresh

Florida Water

Holy Water

Take and boils the herbs in a gallon of water. If you can use a gallon of warm water and get your hands into the mix and squeeze the herbs and rub them by hand to extract the juices naturally and break them by hand its even better and stronger than boiling them.

Once your liquid is nice and dark and full of wonderful aromas and scents then add some florida water (this is a cologne used in alot of afro-carribean traditions much like holy water.

I do not recommend soaking in this mixture. Instead pour a portion into a bowl and add warm water. Take a bath or shower as normal. Then take the bowl in your hands hold it over your head and pray and ask God and spirit, your guardian angel spirits and protector spirits to cleanse you and remove all negativity and hexes. Then pour slowly from the Neck down. Not from the top of the head.

Do this slowly all over your body and let it fall into the tub as it runs off your body. Then wipe down your body and away from you. Pat dry do not dry off completely. It helps to light a candle for your guides to help bring them closer to you. You can either strain the herbs or leave them as is in this bath. If they fall on you do not wipe them off let them stay on you till you wake up the next day  if you do this at night.

Do this bath for 7 days.

Peace and love.


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Spiritual Bath for Clarity and Focus

This is a bath I have used for Focus and Clarity. It has a wonderful aroma and one that just makes me put my head back on my  shoulders . Each herb I have picked is for a specific purpose. This is not a vodou bath. But it is a bath I have used myself from time to time and it is great when you have to stay focused and clear on anything. Specially studying.

The items needed are as follows.

Gardenia herb

Lavender herb

Wisteria Oil

Coconut Oil

Sage Herb

Star Anise (Whole)


Boils all the herbs in a gallon of water strain and let cool. Keep the liquid to use for your bath. Next fill your bath up with warm-hot water, (as warm as you can stand it). Then add in the liquid and the just a couple drops of each of the essential oils. Becareful essential oils are very strong and some people may have reactions to it on their skin. Please check first to make sure you have no reactions.

Also be sure to only use a few drops they are very strong. If you wish to add a little pep to it and pump up your energy a little bit you can also add a drop or 2 of peppermint oil.

Now Soak in the tub for at least a good 15 minutes. I try to stay in longer myself its very relaxing. Take the water up with a cup, or jicara, or calabash and pour it over your head closing your eyes. Focusing on your attention and your focus issues. Relax take your time there is no need to hurry.

Troy to do this bath every day for 7 days. You should start to see a big difference with your focus and your clarity. I find when I do this bath I have very clear visions on issues and problems while I sleep.

Peace and Love.

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