SWEET JAR/HONEY JAR SPELL This is a formula for a sweet jar or honey jar spell. This jar has a lot of uses and is designed to make someone sweet on you. Can be used for Love drawing, repairing love in your relationship, drawing your mate back to you, court cases, etc.

Nearly anything can benefit from a sweet jar. For the purpose of this post we are going to use this jar for a relationship to draw someone to us and make them sweet on us. I am assuming that you have already set up your altar area, cleansed your room with some sweet incense, taken a nice sweet love bath and meditated before you begin your work.

The Items needed for this are as follows.

A Jar with a screw on lid (this is what I use) but any fireproof type jar and lid will work.

9 Red Penny Candles


Cinnamon Powder

Red Wine Picture of You and The Other

Piece of brown paper bag or parchment paper.

(Other things can be added to this as well such as Love Oils, Come to me Oils, Love Herbs Etc.) But for this we are going to start off basic.)

To Begin Take the pictures and write the Full Names from birth and the Dates of Birth on each picture. Then on the brown paper or parchment Write the ones name that you want from left to right Full name from birth and date of birth. Do this 5 times. So you have 5 lines. This is for each of the persons 5 senses.

Then write your name directly over/on top of the other person’s name each of the 5 times. So you have 5 lines with their name and date of birth and your name written directly on top of each of their names. Roll the brown paper or parchment towards you and place it in the bottom of the jar.

Then take the 2 pictures face up and drizzle a little honey on the faces of the pictures and then stick them together. Face to face. While visualizing them being stuck to you like a fly to honey. Place the pictures into the jar. Now begin adding the honey. I buy A LOT OF honey. So I can fill the entire jar with everything I have.

Add the honey, the red wine and the cinnamon while focusing my energy on my desires to make that person sweet on me. The honey to make them sweet on me and stick to me like a fly to honey. The Cinnamon to entice love and sweetness upon me from the other person. The Red Wine to make them drunk with love for me. Energy and thoughts like that.

Visualize that person knocking on your door. See them already in love with you. See the END OUTCOME. Them being with you and you 2 being in love. If there are any obstacles in the way visualize them overcoming them and coming to you

. After you have done this for a while and have filled the entire jar with all the honey cinnamon and red wine. Filled it and charged it with all the energy you can muster up. Place the cap or lid back onto the jar. Screw it on tightly.

Take 1 of the 9 red penny candles and melt the bottom so you can stick it to the lid. While you light the candle pray and ask spirit and god to send this person to you. To make them sweet on you and to fall for you. You can say any chants that you wish to at this point. ( I Won’t post any chants here at the moment) this is just the preliminary basic spell. You can do this also with out any words at all being said in chant.

I will however always speak out loud when I place the items into the jar. Like this. It is not these pictures I place in the jar but the heart and mind of So and so that they be sweet on me and fall in love with me. I add the honey so that they may stick to me like a fly to honey and be sweet on me. I add the red wine so they fall drunk in love with me… etc….

Now light the red candle and let it burn all the way down. You will repeat the same process each day for 9 days except for the filling of the jar which is already done. But every other step you should do, prepare yourself, cleanse your area, meditate, pray, direct more energy into the jar, repeat what you want out loud etc.

Let me know if you try this and what happened if you do this.