Now many years ago my Aunt who was a Nun and ran a retreat house, would hold woman’s work groups and empowering groups for people. I use to frequent her place up north during the summers and spend weeks at a time helping her out and taking part also in some of the exercises that the groups would offer.

My Aunt was a very spiritual being and greatly in touch with the motherly energies of the Goddess. During one of the group retreats she began by asking everyone to ground themselves. As she began to explain this very deep yet hilarious visual to everyone, I could hear the giggles coming from everyone as we first heard it.

Now many of us have heard and used many different grounding techniques such as being the tree and allowing your roots to grow deep into the earth for one. But this one was so simple and fast it was just the visual alone that created the laughter.

It was years after this that a mentor or mine that follows the Santeria Tradition told me that one of the places that alot of santeros would do work in was in the bathroom. I found this kind of odd but over time I began to understand that this was actually in alot of ways true. While I do not subscribe to the harming of animals or anything in many traditions. I do feel the need to have safety in doing ritual work and offerings.

So I began to understand in my mind that the bathroom really is a very sacred and very ritualistic place. It is here that we perform all our daily rituals, taking showers, brushing our teeth, performing our beauty rituals, using the (facilities ) to put it politely. This is perhaps one of the Strongest rooms in the house. The presence of water is a very important also in ritual. Water is a life giving need, it is a cleansing agent, it is given to our ancestors to give them drink, it is placed in our homes to catch negativity, it has so many uses spiritually.

I know it probably hasn’t dawned on alot of people just how much spiritual work we spiritual people do in the bathroom. Spiritual Herbal baths, relaxation baths, love baths, healing baths, etc. So with this understanding of the spiritual use of the bathroom and how important it’s role is, We can begin to look at an interesting but yet simple visualization to ground yourself before any spiritual work or spell casting.

To Begin find a comfortable place to sit where you will not be disturbed and can work on this technique.

Close your eyes and begin to imagine yourself in your bathroom. That’s right imagine yourself inside your bathroom with the door closed. The Light on.
Now picture yourself sitting on the toilet. Yes that is correct. I know it sounds odd to some. But picture it in your mind just as you have done countless times before. Now imagine yourself clutching your hands to make fists down at  your side.

Hold this Visual for a while until you feel grounded.

I told you this was very simple. Just the image of sitting on that bowl with your feet firmly planted on the floor and your hands clenched into a fist at your sides. You cannot get any more Grounded than you are at that particular moment in time.


Let me know your thoughts and if you try it and how you feel. That is of course if you giggle first and then try it.


Peace and love and Blessings.