This bath is designed to remove negativity and help clean you of hexes and curses if done right. Unfortunately there are times where one would need to have a priest of a tradition do the work for them if the curse or hex or negative energy is far to strong.

For this bath you will need to obtain the following items.

5 Finger Grass herb

Rosemary herb ( i prefer fresh)

Nettle Herb (dry fresh if you can find it)

Peppermint Fresh

RUE fresh

Florida Water

Holy Water

Take and boils the herbs in a gallon of water. If you can use a gallon of warm water and get your hands into the mix and squeeze the herbs and rub them by hand to extract the juices naturally and break them by hand its even better and stronger than boiling them.

Once your liquid is nice and dark and full of wonderful aromas and scents then add some florida water (this is a cologne used in alot of afro-carribean traditions much like holy water.

I do not recommend soaking in this mixture. Instead pour a portion into a bowl and add warm water. Take a bath or shower as normal. Then take the bowl in your hands hold it over your head and pray and ask God and spirit, your guardian angel spirits and protector spirits to cleanse you and remove all negativity and hexes. Then pour slowly from the Neck down. Not from the top of the head.

Do this slowly all over your body and let it fall into the tub as it runs off your body. Then wipe down your body and away from you. Pat dry do not dry off completely. It helps to light a candle for your guides to help bring them closer to you. You can either strain the herbs or leave them as is in this bath. If they fall on you do not wipe them off let them stay on you till you wake up the next day  if you do this at night.

Do this bath for 7 days.

Peace and love.