Northeast Kidney Foundation Walk For Kidneys

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A good friend of mine will be walking in the June 10th Walk/Run for Kidneys for the Northeast Kidney Foundation. Please check out his link and if you can support him in anyway with a donation that would be greatly appreciated. The Link is


Hypnosis Weight Control update

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So Today i received an email that my client has lost an additional overal 4.5 inches. Way To go. I am so proud and happy. I know that this person will continue to lose and adjust their lifestyle habits for better food/exercise choices. It just gets easier and easier the more you go.

People must remember the first 30 or more days are always the hardest. You fight so many changes in your body, in your mind, your emotions, etc. it is always a challenge. But if you continue to work through it, have positive people around you, a support group, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, make good healthy eating choices, and do what ever it takes including but not limited to. Hypnosis,exercise, nurtinionalist, etc. You cannot fail. Just remember sometimes losing is winning.

LOSE WEIGHT = WINNING in your ultimate goal.

CONGRATS IM SO HAPPY thats over 15 total INCHES lost in a months time.

Another update on Hypnosis and Weightcontrol

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So today I received a pleasant message from my client that i’ve been working with. Since march they have lost a total of 10.25 total inches from their body and almost 1 percent BMI loss. That is fantastic. Keep it up I am so proud of you.

Hypnosis Client for weight control

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So this week we are back again with my client that i’ve been working on with weight control. Client this week reported another 1.2 pounds down. And still going. I am so proud that they are committed to continuing the journey to a healthier lifestyle. Cant wait to speak to them again in our next session for the specifics. Good Job and way to go.

Today Is Restore My Computer day..

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Periodically It is important to do a full system restore on a computer. The reasons include over the course of time installing and uninstalling programs does not always remove EVERYTHING on ones computer. This can cause slow downs on your computer system making it act sluggish and slow. Response time with programs opening up etc. We download so many things off the internet that even the temporary files that are stored on the computer and cookies that get plopped on ones computer if one does not do normal pc maintenance will cause you to slow down as well.

Virus protection is a very important thing for everyone to do on their computers as well. If you dont have one get a free one like free avg. Keep your computer safe from viruses and loss of personal data.

Water… Bottled or Tap… Is there a difference

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Water… Bottled or Tap… Is there a difference


We all know that water is an essential part of one’s daily diet and much needed for the body. It helps to quench our thirst, detoxify the body by removing junk from the body. It has many benefits to the body. Cool crisp, wonderfully refreshing water comes in many options. Tap water, well water, spring water, bottled filtered water. Is there a difference? In my eyes Yes.

Taste for one. I’ve tasted and drank a lot of water from bottled filtered water, purified water, spring water, expensive bottled water, as well as tap water. Altho taste is a factor it is not much of one in my eyes.

Bottled purified water for the most part is water that comes from a normal public source such as Tap water that has been filtered and processed to remove nutrients, minerals etc from the water. So you are in fact paying more for water that comes from a tap source than you need to.

Spring water while I do prefer spring water’s taste over the slight chlorinated taste of tap water in many areas, you can purchase filters for your faucet that can reduce that taste to make it much cleaner tasting.  Even among spring waters the tastes are different if you have good taste buds and can taste it.

Expensive bottled water… hmm kind of tough here in my own opinion it’s the same as spring water just with a fancier label and a higher price.

When it comes to water make it cold, get your own filter for your faucet, and save yourself a lot of money. Over the course of a year lets do the math. If you drink 1 bottle of spring or bottled water bought in the stores for $1.50 – $1.89 a bottle for 357 days that is 675 dollars rounded that you spend in a year. That’s a lot of money for something you can get from your own faucet. And if you rent you’re in even better luck because you don’t pay for it at all. If you own you still only spend about $3.45 per 1000 gallons of water.

If you want to save your money to spend on something else buy yourself a filter, get a few bottles you can reuse, put some in the fridge, and carry it all day long with you. You’ll be saving yourself allot of money in the long run and still drinking a lot of water.

Hypnosis Client Week 3 Weight Control

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So this week i received an online message from my Client that i’ve been assisting with Weight control and weight loss. This week week number 3 marks another 2 pounds lost. WAY TO GO. So happy to hear the news. thats now a total of almost 8 pounds in 3 weeks.

Now i know many people think that losing only 1 or 2 pounds doesn’t seem like a lot. How ever the truth is, Fast weight loss is never good, its not healthy for anyone to lose alot of weight rapidly. Steady slow weight loss is the best for you as well as helping you to keep it off.

Congrats On another WIN…… looking forward to seeing you again on sunday.

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